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Our financial strategist services are available when YOU need it and we offer a return on your investment. GUARANTEED!

Ranging from filling a gap in your financial service to financial trouble shooting projects, helping to interpret “the numbers” and releasing the 10% of trapped revenue that you are giving away.
Our options help you to introduce simple structures to implement your ideas and systemise your operations. We help to get your business on the CLOUD.
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Is your financial strategy lacking?

Are you missing important opportunities because your financial support is lacking? Is the lag time in getting financial information frustrating you?
A lack of financial information can lead to poor decisions, lost opportunities and hampered investment. Without a thorough understanding of financial trends, your business projections will be unclear.
Financial strategy missing the mark, New Era Management Services can help
What’s your biggest financial frustration?
Book our FREE, 1 hour strategy session and we’ll show you how to solve the issue.

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Finance should be your biggest asset, not a reactive overhead

If your organisation sees finance as a necessary evil then you are doing it the wrong way. Finance is a value-add service and it needs to be the absolute best that it can be.

New Era Management Services can help you create the right financial approach for your organisation. Our experience in the latest financial trouble shooting techniques can help you to re-establish direction, introduce better systems, and set accountability.

We work with you to develop a new capability in your financial service. We deliver critical performance outcomes by showing you how to do what you do, but better. It’s not rocket science, it’s simply a smarter way to work.

How we can set about solving your problems in our 1 hour session

We see it time and time again. Management has an unlimited need for information but it often has gaps when it comes to knowledge on finance delivery.

Owners and managers tend to have one view on how things should be done, and finance has another. With the help of a New Era Management Services consultant, you can create a tailored approach to finance that drives performance and achieves the best outcomes. We work with you to identify the crucial things that finance could and should be doing within your organisation.

We begin with service level mapping. Our aim is to help you deliver a return from the investment that you are making in your finance unit. We guarantee that you will never want to go back to the old way of doing things again.

Let us solve the biggest problem you’re facing right now in just 60 minutes — completely free of charge

Book a complimentary 60-Minute Strategy Session with New Era Management Services now. We’ll put you on a path to solving your greatest financial challenges quicker than you thought possible.


What you can expect from your session:

Unlock and sustain your advantage

We’ll help you define and develop your organisation’s financial accountabilities. And we’ll free up enough resources to sustain your competitive advantage.

Coaching and mentoring in one

We’ll help you model a role for finance that will improve workforce performance. We’ll identify opportunities for self-development and we’ll reduce stress.

Let’s talk about unleashing the new financial paradigm

By introducing finance as a key driver you will showcase yourself as an entrepreneur. And you’ll be at the forefront of change, ideas and tactics.

Session price $198 - NO CHARGE when you book through this page.

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