Secrets of Local Business Success Revealed

January 14, 2015

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How are successful businesses created? Want to learn how to achieve consistent results? Dont miss this special evening!

Anyone connected with local businesses will know that we have many outstanding and successful businesses in the region, but what are the common themes that have led to their success?

For the first time, a consortium of local businesses are sponsoring a unique event in which four CEOs from the manufacturing, retail and accounting sectors will be sharing the secrets of their success so that other local businesses can benefit. Each CEO will talk for 15-20 minutes outlining the key factors that have led to their success in business at the end of which there will be a panel Q&A session so that further insights can be gleaned by attendees.

The event is designed to enable other CEOs and business leaders learn from those who have made it and hence improve their own business performance more quickly and easily. Many of the insights provided will demonstrate just how simple actions can lead to dramatic results and how these techniques can be applied to any business irrespective of size and domain.

As a further benefit, the event will be run as a not-for-profit with any surplus funds being donated to charity.

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