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Save Valuable Time Putting Together the Council Financial Plan

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act the development of a 10-year financial plan is the opportunity to review strategy and establish the framework to be replicated for all budget processes.

New Era Management Services understands the interdependencies at play in council. We have the credentials to help you reach your desired state for a robust and visionary financial plan, and quickly.

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We pull all the pieces together in producing a visionary Council financial plan, one that aligns with your strategy and satisfies LGA powers and principles

We bring together the key aspects to produce a first cut long term financial plan.

We can set up the financial plan process so that it acts as the conduit in the development of other strategies including the Council Plan and Model Budget. Council guides the process, reviews the scenarios and provides input.

Our role is to continue to support you to reach your desired financial plan outcome.

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For more information on financial strategy and other specialist local government services, email: peter@neweramanagement.com.au or call: 0427 841 096