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Save time to create your business plan and marketing strategies

Putting a business plan together is a valuable opportunity to conduct an in-depth evaluation of your enterprise. It will allow you to look closely at new initiatives and savings and ways to best fund your products, services and innovation strategies. It will help you to speed up your goal of working on your business and to make critical financial and operating decisions about the future.

We offer a 25 hour process to put together a comprehensive plan that will see significant clarity for your business over a 3 year period. The range of plans available are ideal for bank loan applications right through to setting strategic direction while the financial wizard allows customised spreadsheets and ‘what if’ analysis on all your forecasts.

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With the help of MasterPlan software, we can help fast track your business planning solution

New Era Management Services has broad experience in developing high quality business plans for entities large and small. We have access to the latest software in MasterPlan to give you the best chance of successfully creating a highly professional business plan tailored to your business.

“Not only was I able to generate some fantastic new marketing ideas
for our business, I was able to prepare a comprehensive financial
in under an hour”.

       Charles Wellington, OMEGA     stars

As a introductory offer to New Era Management Services you can receive 30 days access to MasterPlan and 1 hour of consultancy services for only $49. Just click on the Trial Evaluation offer below.